Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Witches/Devils' Triangle

*WARNING* The following tale is quite graphic and may not be suitable for children!

Located near the lush greens of the Rolling Pines golf course sits a wooded area full of decay and darkness. This tiny patch of woods is thought to carry a dark, and morbid history. Commonly the area is referred to as the witches' triangle. This is due to it's association with hangings during the 19th century. Some young ladies from the area used to congregate in the woods here. The locals fearing a nationwide spread of witchcraft abducted the teenage girls. They were then hung from the same trees in which the young ladies enjoyed frolicking amongst.

Though other locals tell of a even more sinister tale. Some refer to this wooded grove as the devils' triangle. These stories stem mainly from the decrepit farmhouse and barn that still rest on this forbidden property. There's an extremely disturbing tale of a family who once resided in the home. One somber evening, in a fit of pent up rage a mad husband portrayed acts of violence amongst his family members that is truly gruesome. The stories claim the man both sexually and physically violated his unsuspecting victims before hacking their bodies into pieces. He then proceeded to sprawl their blood allover the walls of the home. The man then vanished into the darkness of the trees where he would end his own life.

There are many who doubt the validity of either of these stories, and there are just as many who claim to have felt an extremely dangerous energy emanating from this mysterious thicket. Whichever you believe these urban legends are keeping the youth of Berwick excited as they dare each other to enter this house of horrors. It's also keeping the local police department busy issuing citations for trespassing!

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