Friday, April 8, 2011

Gravity Road: Bedford County Pennsylvania

Looking for a place to defy gravity? Located on the back roads of New Paris, Pennsylvania lies one such spot. On Gravity Hill Road you can watch balls, bottles and liquids roll uphill. If you’re brave enough, you can put your car in neutral and roll right up the hill with it.

Gravity hills are located throughout the world. They are located in Barbados, Scotland, Portugal and Korea, as well as hundreds of other locations. >Though most don’t advertise theirs as a tourist stop as much as the County of Bedford. The Visitors Bureau offers maps, t-shirts, bumper stickers and even hats advertising the location.

The apparent finding of this particular spot seems pretty likely.Shortly after World War II, the local postman put his automobile in neutral while he sorted the daily mail. What an amazing surprise he got when he then realized he rolled up the hill.

So how is all this possible? Is it a magnetic pull, an optical illusion, a lack of gravity or spirits pushing you back? We think we know the answer but suggest that you just give a visit and decide for yourself.

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