Sunday, August 11, 2013

World of Little League

The World of Little League in South Williamsport is sure to put a smile on every member of the family. Whether old or young, man or woman something is sure to catch your eye here. Generally the exhibit is a history of Little League baseball. But there's a lot more going on here.

As you enter you take a seat on the bleachers and view a brief film that explains why Little League is so important in the roles of all children. No matter race, creed, sex, economic background, or physical ailments all are welcome to grow and learn. Little League teaches morals, conduct, teamwork, and most importantly respect toward others.

But Little League wasn't always so inviting, particularly to girls. This is not something they try to cover up. Part of their unique history is the young women whom would trick teams into allowing them to play, sometimes surpassing the boys in play. It wasn't until 1974 that the league began to allow girls to play, it was a landmark case that went to the New Jersey supreme court while garnering lots of attention from the National Organization of Women. The museum gives you an interesting look into this odd time for the league.

Among the other displays surrounding the museum include some of the gadgets used to test equipment, uniforms from other countries who participate in the sport, as well as some uniforms of those who went onto big league careers.

There are various interactive exhibits in the museum to keep you active. Each giving you a unique glimpse into performing certain aspects of the game. Whether your playing catch with Mike Mussina, trying out your shortstop skills, jumping for a fly ball, or timing your run to first base. There's something sure to appeal  to every member of the family.

The museum also includes a hall of fame. On the list you'll find a who's of who's of about every career. Some went on to great Major League careers, while others settled as greats in other professional sports. A few went on to become top military men, famous actors, astronauts, and even a future President. It certainly gives you the feeling no matter what dreams you plan to accomplish, Little League seems to be a good springboard for attaining them.

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