Friday, August 26, 2011

Little League World Series: Past

In 1939, Carl Stotz gathered a few local neighborhood boys for a game of baseball in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He marked off 60 feet and used an old newspaper for 1st base. On this splendid day he would forever change his legacy and revolutionize America’s pastime forever. This beautiful June day would mark the birth of Little League Baseball.

Originally the league consisted of only three teams. The first World Series was held in 1947 on Carl E. Stotz field, in honor of Little League’s founding father. The boys from Lundy Lumber put a pounding on the Lycoming Dairy, winning the first Little League World Series 23-8.

All World Series games were held on this small field until 1959. Continuously the sport began to grow quickly and quietly. Teams began to sprout up all over the country and even in some foreign lands. By 1959 a much larger stadium was needed. After playing host to 12 Little League World Series, the small Carl Stotz field, relinquished the honors onto the new Howard J. Lamade Stadium.

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