Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little League World Series: Present

Shortly after the Carl Stotz field was replaced by the Howard Lamade Stadium, Little League baseball began to flourish worldwide. Youngsters from foreign lands who had never known the game were quickly beginning to dominate. Japan and Taiwan had won 7 of the past 8 World Series. In 1975 the issue began to concern the officials of Little League. They then fell under much scrutiny and amid controversy banned all Non-United States teams from competing. The ban was short lived and the following year youngsters worldwide were once again able to enjoy America’s pastime. Luckily Little League was able to bypass that brief dark moment in their history, because since then the sport has flourished immensely.

Today there are over 200,000 teams spanning every state in this country and more than 80 others. In 2001 a brand new larger stadium was opened. The Little League Volunteer Stadium was placed directly behind the Howard J. Lamade Stadium. Today the two stadiums host all playoff games and of course the World Series. Little League baseball doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it deserves. Without the international acclaim, the sport of baseball may have quietly perished. The little league helped to spread the word throughout the globe, opening the door of opportunity for many young men in impoverished countries a place to become superstars. This sport helps to teach young adults the importance of teamwork, dedication and camaraderie, not only amongst themselves but for the entire world.

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