Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fredosaurus Rex Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When most think of children's host Mister Fred Rogers they usually associate kindness, giving, friendly, and full of heart. These attributes are usually not associated with a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. Yet somehow these two figures became one unique treat for Pittsburgh. A Tyrannosaurus Rex decked out in a red cardigan sweater, holding two puppets, complete with a trolley car rolling up his back.

Fredosaurus Rex, as he became known, had been displayed in front of the WQED studios for many years. The studio was the flagship for Mister Rogers Neighborhood during its broadcast. Sadly after Mister Rogers death the station fell into a slow decline. Unfortunately the station has been recently relocated as well as Fredosaurus Rex. The residents of Pittsburgh are sure hoping he makes a return soon, and so are we. Not to be discouraged here's a video of Mister Rogers breakdancing. If this doesn't make you smile check your pulse!

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