Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good Shepherd Memorial Gardens

Cruising along the rural bypass on a Sunday morning. Feeling the breeze and coolness of a fresh Summer day. The sun beaming in the sky caught a reflection of beauty, hidden in neglect. Swerving into the overgrown driveway, behind towers of weeds and grass. Nestled inside of a dilapidated building, next to freshly manicured graves, was a beautiful hand painted stained glass, nearing it's final days. The roof of the building was quite in shambles and seemed destined for collapse at any time. Vaults lined the wall of the neglected memorial garden, sadly they too seemed forgotten.

The Good Shepherd Memorial Garden is just a small plot of graves that someone still cares for. Sadly the rest of the property has certainly seen better times. Not being familiar with the area I asked several locals if they knew any more about this lost structure. Unfortunately most knew very little. I had heard a few intriguing stories about crimes being committed with in the grounds. Though no evidence to support anything.
Maybe you know more about this mysterious property?  Maybe there's nothing to know?

The Gardens are located off route 315 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Do you know any more information?

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