Saturday, September 21, 2013

Straub Brewery St. Marys, Pennsylvania

Hidden away in the city of St. Marys, Pennsylvania remains one of America's oldest craft breweries. The Straub brewery traces its roots back to 1872, that's when brewmaster Peter Straub transferred into the town to work at the local brewery, 6 years later he would own the place.

Straub had always been immersed in the beer production field. Born in Germany the young man learned early the craft of hand making barrels and casks. Not long after he also mastered the art of brewing beer. As a young adult Peter moved from Germany to Western Pennsylvania where he honed his skills at several breweries in the area.

At Straub's brewery the beer was always barreled into wooden kegs and would be marked with a red band around them. Straub used this in an effort to let the consumer know which brand they were indulging in. This red band has remained a trademark of the brewery to this day.

After Peter's passing his sons continued their father's beloved process and helped keep the brewery running during the hardship times of alcohol prohibition. Today the brewery hasn't changed much in their process or recipe. They remain a regional macrobrewery specializing in craft brewing. Also one of the few breweries owned and operated by the original family. The brewery offers daily tours as well as tastings from their eternal tap. Straub is considered to be the last remaining users of returnable long neck bottles in the United States. How's that for recycling!

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