Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

The haunted Moonshine church in Indiantown Gap may have a lot of history, but the nearby fort of the National Guard may have a little more. The history dates back to 1755. The Susquehannock Indians who had been trekking the land for over 3,000 years became allies against the colonists at the start of the French & Indian war. The Susquehannocks were attacking colonial frontiers through passes in the Blue ridge mountains. These attacks led to colonists building forts along northern Lebanon county, including Indiantown Gap.

The modern post that sits now was developed in 1931 as a National Guard training site. During World War 2 the training camp saw major expansions. Throughout the years the fort has been used to train soldiers for war, and also as a refugee camp. The fort was almost closed down in 1995, though Pennsylvania saved the land by buying it back from the government. Today the fort at Indiantown Gap still provides training for National Guard and Army reserves. When that much history and bloodshed occurs in an area there are always tales of paranormal. Could the presences felt at the nearby church actually be from the "blue-eyed six" as most think, or is there maybe just a bit more history to the area most don't even know about.

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