Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Whether you're traveling the rural back roads, or in the heart of Philadelphia, if you're in Pennsylvania chances are there's a ghost nearby. In fact, the Keystone state seems to have a few of the most famous haunts in the country.

The battlefields in Gettysburg where over 7,500 men perished in just a few days is thought to be one of the most haunted areas in all of the United States. The Eastern State Penitentiary in downtown Philadelphia has it's share of ghostly visitors as well. The tortuous methods dished out to these lawbreakers many years ago, still lingers fresh in the apparitions that still haunt this fortress of solitude. Even the small town of New Hope, near the Washington crossing has it's share of supernatural tales. From haunted inns, to covered bridges shrouded in mystery. It's no wonder New Hope is thought to be the most haunted town in America.

In a state so rich in history, yet so ripe with violence it only seems natural (or supernatural) that Pennsylvania would seem to be the most haunted state in our great country.

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Mouschi89 said...

I live in Washington Crossing, I dont know any ghost tales of New Hope though im sure there are. Do you know any of the stories or places that are haunted?