Friday, March 12, 2010

Haunted Moonshine Church & Cemetery

There's a small church and cemetery near a military base in Pennsylvania, shrouded in paranormal activity. The church and cemetery are named for a man who set aside this free burial plot. His young son is buried in the cemetery, along with one of Pennsylvania's most famous murder victims.

Joseph Raber was murdered by a gang of men known as "the blue eyed six". They had taken out a life insurance policy on Mr. Raber and decided waiting for him to die on his own would take too long. Needless to say these gentlemen took matters into their own hands. All but one of the men were tried and convicted for their crimes, and sentenced to death by hanging.

Though none of the six men are buried anywhere near the cemetery, their spirits may haunt the area. Tales range from ghosts being spotted walking throughout the church, to mysterious blue lights seen flickering in the cemetery.

The church and cemetery both have a very unsettling feel to them. Of course the tanks rolling by from the nearby base, don't do much to ease your tensions.


LittleGemsbyKari said...

sounds like a place for TAPS

Steven said...

Moonshine Church is near Indiantown Gap Army Facility, to be precise. Went to MC one night near Hallowe'en with my bro and two girls we were interested in. Going to see "ghosts," but my bro got the story a bit confused with the old urban legend about a couple parking and the guy getting hanged above the car with his shoes scraping the roof as he swang in the breeze.

Anyway, Bro was driving and his date were up front, my intended date and I were in the back seat of my Pinto station wagon. When we drove onto the road where MC is located some bozos had hanged a dummy up in a tree above the road -- that put Bro and the girls into a scared mindset already (I was skeptical about MC and wasn't buying the legend). Anyway, we got to the church and pulled into the cemetary on the other side of the road. By then it was about 11 PM.

So we parked at the edge of the cemetary, but Bro didn't put the car in PARK because we were planning to drive into the graveyard after he got his courage up. We sat there for maybe a minute, and then I slipped my arm up alongside the seat and grabbed Bro's arm at the same time I yelled BOO! Does the term "bat out of hell" mean anything to you?

That dude screamed and hit the gas, fishtailed the car out of that cemetary, with the girls squealing like they'd found rats in their drawers, and we rocketed back up that road until we got to an all-night gas station. We stopped so Bro could swallow his heart again (I am not kidding -- he was green!) and we could get some sodas. We never did go back, but what a laugh we had about it. I don't know if he ever did forgive me for it, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

I been to Moon Shine church plenty of times, and I have also walked around the whole graveyard and nothing happened. All we heard was some music off in the woods, which was a little weird considering there was no house's or any other people or car's around! But I suggest not going into the graveyard! Right as me and my friends were walking out the gate, the gate shut by itself (probbably the wind) and as soon as we were walking across the road 2 cops showed up! We almost got busted but the cops let us go and told us to go home right away. We had the car off while we were there and it started right back up when we got in it. So that is not true that your car doesn't start. Saw no blue eyes or nothing.