Friday, June 3, 2011

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

In the upcoming volume 21 zine, we'll be sharing our stories of whiskey, mystics, and men. "Da-da-da" Sorry couldn't help it! We're gonna take you to an old saloon that played a significant part in the revolutionary War. Many believe the General who used the tavern as his headquarters, may still be frequenting the pub.

After our fill of spirits we visited a few rather mystical places. A small town who still pays honor to their Welsh ancestors, with stone griffins, large cairns, and a circle of rocks, resembling a smaller Stonehenge. Then we were off to play the rocks, good thing we brought our hammers. At the park we visited, banging on the rocks with hammers is allowed, in fact encouraged. Each rock lets out it's own unique sound, some the normal thud you'd expect, others magically expel the sound of bells. Afterwords we got an inside and outside look at a Synagogue designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This inspiring temple was meant to evoke the look of Mt. Sinai. It's a marvel to admire whether it's lit by the natural sun, or when it's illuminating like a candle in the evening.

Lastly we paid a visit to two lost palaces to see what was left of two men's dreams. Two multi-millionaires whose dream homes may have cost them everything. One of these mansions is now almost lost forever, only a few garden sculptures remain. The other nearby home lies as a former shell of itself. The "house that art built", lies in an abandoned shamble. It's quite a sight to see such articulate beauty, fall into such a desolate state.

For more information on the aforementioned places keep following our blog, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming zine.

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