Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pottstown Pig Tree

(Photo from Creepy Places)
The Skull tree along Devil's road isn't the only tree in Pennsylvania with folklore surrounding it. With roots shaped like a pigs snout, and a set of holes where eyes would set, it's easy to see how the pig tree got its name. What's not so simple to figure out is why its become so mysterious.

The legend of the pig tree states to take a personal item from someone you wish to cause harm to, you then place the item into the eye hole of the tree. It's thought that if the sun pierces through the object, the curse has worked. It should also be known that if the sun doesn't shine through, the curse is than reversed onto you. I'm not too sure there's anyone I despise that much to take that risk!


Pa-Dutch-Travel said...

Hmm never heard about that tree before. Ya I wouldn't want to take that risk either. lol

Anonymous said...

lived in Pottstown for 20years and never heard about this