Monday, June 13, 2011

Whitemarsh Hall in Pennsylvania

Be careful what you wish for!

The Stotesbury family like most Americans' loved to live the dream life. They enjoyed hosting lavish parties, with movie star guests and noble statesmen from all over the world. After all when your home is larger than the White House you certainly have the room for such luxurious affairs.

The Stotesbury's moved into their dream palace in 1921. The home consisted of 147 rooms and 45 bathrooms and cost a modest 3 million dollars. The home was deemed the "American Versailles."

As quickly as their dreams came to fruition, they also vanished just as fast. At costs of over 1 million dollars a year to sustain the home and surrounding acreage, the family fortune quickly began to dwindle. By World War 2 the home had been left abandoned and was being used by the United States government to store valuable pieces of artwork.

After the government moved out, the vandals moved in. Anything of value had been stolen and the locals began to vandalize the home. Eventually the home had fallen into such disarray the community had no choice but to destroy the lost palace. Today all that remains are a few monuments from the gardens and the lost dreams of an American family.

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