Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ringing Rocks Park & Rink

There's a mystical park near the small town of Pottstown where you're gonna wanna visit with a hammer in hand. The Ringing Rocks Park has been baffling curious visitors for centuries. When you smack one of the rocks in the boulder field you're likely to get two results, a deadening sound you'd expect, or a ringing bell sound you wouldn't expect. The various rocks each emit a different vibrant tone. Similar parks have been used to hold music festivities. Musicians will actually play the rocks while accompanied with other instruments.

On Outta the Way's visit we brought along several different size hammers. We noticed each hammer rang out a different chime on the same rock. The locals in the area have been generous enough to tag the rocks which make the best sounds. I must admit they're very good at pointing you to the prime rocks, though their art skills could use some work!

After ringing some rocks be sure to visit the retro style roller skating rink nearby. The old time rink has been entertaining the locals for decades. Ringing rocks and retro roller rinks sounds like a perfect day going Outta the Way!

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