Monday, July 9, 2012

Archbald Pothole State Park

Pennsylvania is a state known for having some of the worst roadways in the country, so it's only fitting that the state has a park featuring a colossal pothole. Though this one isn't quite like the normal potholes that dot the states highways and byways. The Archbald pothole dates back  over 15,000 years ago. The hole formed during the Wisconsin glacial period, resulting in a 38 feet deep hole in the surface of the earth.

The geological wonder was first discovered by a coal miner in 1884. The miner used a blast of explosives to extend a mining shaft. The resulting blast culminated in tons of water and rocks falling into the mine and jeopardizing the lives of many. After recouping from their near death experince the men were ordered by a supervisor to clear all the debris away, they soon realized their vertical shaft was a geological gem. After being used as ventilation support for the miners the area was fenced off and has since served as a tourist attraction. In 1914 the large pothole was deeded over as public property, since than the county of Lackawanna and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania have maintained the area. This is a task easier said than done, it seems several residents take out their dislike of potholes by throwing their trash and debris into the large hole. I can't help but wonder how many garage receipts are down there for alignment jobs on vehicles.

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