Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fork in the Road Centerport, Pennsylvania

If you find yourself at the fork in the road in the tiny town of Centerport, Pennsylvania, which way will you go? If you're like us you'll choose the road that gives you the quickest opprotunity to turn around and get a photo. At the intersection of Main st. and Centerport rd. you'll find a large 8 foot fork.
Suspiciously the fork just appeared in 2004, leaving borough officials and townsfolk confused. After some investigative reporting a local resident came clean. The small concrete island is an old family property, that he felt needed a bit of charm. The man has no plans of removing the giant fork anytime soon., the residents and myself couldn't be more pleased.


roadsidewonders said...

I have been SO CLOSE to this a number of times and I always forget to go and see it. I need to go there on purpose soon :)

Karen Musselman said...

I live right around the bend from this fork; it's so freaking cool!

When I give directions to anyone to my house, I say, 'turn left at the fork in the road - and watch - that's a REAL fork in the road!' Then they just laugh when they get to the house and say, 'You weren't kidding!'

Then the new owner of the bar across from that fork had a huge spoon and knife mounted on the outside of the bar. I was like - funny!!!