Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet Duece Tooee

We would like to take this opprutunity to introduce the newest team member of Outta the Way. Duece is a unique character who introduced himself into our lives on my most recent birthday. While visiting the Ripley's Odditorium in Atlantic City Duece found his way out of his glass cage, and into our car. Since then he's been traveling around with us on our adventures and sneaking into as many photo ops as he can. He enjoys being the center of attention, often riding in the middle of the back seat, getting a great view of all those who tailgate us. He also enjoys saltwater taffy, hide and seek, playing woodwinds, and looking for his one true love, a two tailed female companion. Keep your eyes peeled for Duece in more upcoming blogs, he may even be hiding in some strange places.

Age-2 Human yrs.-25
turn-ons-walks on the beach, sharing milkshakes, marathon runners
turn-offs-multiple personalities, meat eaters
fave. music-"The Turtles"
fave. book-Tortoise and the Hare
fave. movie-(tie) "TMNT 2-Secret of the Ooze"/ "Brothers of the Head"
fave. quote- "two heads are always better than one"


jancey said...

lovely photoes, it is so cute! Thank you for sharing!

Anna said...

You're awesome... we have a stuffed animal we take with us on our travels too. She's a green bug thing named Joan... we've taken pictures of her in lots of silly places. =)