Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GIANT Paint Can Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Driving along interstate 81 in Pennsylvania can be quite montonous and unenjoyable. Luckily there are a few bright spots along this nearly 233 mile stretch of highway. Near the Mason-Dixon line at exit 24, welcoming you to the Blue mountains sits one of the largest paint cans in the world. The 35 feet high can comes adorned with a lid and a handle. Originally the structure was a water tower from the previous owner. When the Benjamain Moore paint company purchased the property they decided to use the eyesore as a marketing tool. Now if only we could find a way to spruce up all of I-81. Maybe they should put a giant object near every exit!


Anna said...

You're right.. 81 is boring!!! I used to drive as far south on it as you can go (tennesee) to visit my mom in knoxville. but my love for travel made up for the boringness of the road. ;-) if i head down that wasy again i'll be sure to check out the paint can

greensuzan said...

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