Friday, May 7, 2010

Haunted Town of New Hope, Pennsylvania

The small town of New Hope, Pennsylvania in Bucks county is rich in history, which in return leads to ghost tales. The fact is the town is thought to be the most haunted in America. Numerous ghost sightings have been spotted around town. Perhaps they're attributed to a young man who was killed while hitch-hiking. His spirit has been seen late at night wandering the streets still looking for a ride.

There's even tales of one of the towns most famous artist still roaming around near his home on Mechanic street. He's also been spotted along the canal towpath. Though there's an even more famous ghost thought to haunt this area. Aaron Burr, the one time Vice- President, who was indicted on murder charges. He hid out in the town of New Hope shortly after his infamous duel with Alexander Hamilton. His spirit has been seen along the side streets and several taverns in the area.

Men aren't the only ones haunting this small town. The Inn at Phillips Mill has had reports of seeing a woman dressed in Victorian garb roaming the stairways and hallways. And at the now closed Odette's restaurant there are tales of a woman who was murdered here. Throughout the restaurant there were unexplainable cold spots and ghostly voices heard, and even the aroma of perfume constantly permeating around. Leaving few to wander if there's any doubt that this town is one of the most haunted in America.


Ginny said...

I wonder if Jessica Savidge is still hanging around Odette's?

AmethJera said...

I've got to admit, though, it's one of the coolest little towns to visit, the vibe is great,the food is world class...but the tourists have driven the prices through the roof.