Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shops of New Hope, Pennsylvania

The small town of New Hope isn't only full of history, but also some eccentric stores. The type of places you would expect to visit in the East Village of Manhattan, not a rural town. After all it's not everyday you see neon pentagrams lighting up a shop window, or encounter an LSD pharmacy sign inviting you in. But those are just a few of the shops you'll encounter in this quaint town.

At Mystical Thymes you can get everything you would need to be a good witch or sorcerer. The store focuses mainly on those who practice Wicca or Pagan beliefs. At Nearby Gypsy Heaven, you can have your palm read while keeping up on the latest in occult news.

God Save the Queens is an independently owned punk store, featuring clothing and music your not gonna find in your local big box Hot Topic store. The whole idea of punk is the D.I.Y. attitude, they understand that here while sharing a smile with their happy customers.

One of my favorite stores to visit in New Hope is Love Saves the Day, even though they charge $ .20 to enter, it's worth every penny. This store uses all available space and is sure to have something to please everyone. Whether you're searching for the perfect vintage outfit, an old imported B side record, an out of print cult film, or just searching for oddities this place is sure to have it. And if you find something you like, which I'm sure you will, they'll gladly refund your $ .20 back to you.

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