Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outta the Way's Ghost Tour at Bube's Hotel & Catacombs

Standing out front of Bube's brewery in Mt. Joy last Friday night, we were sharing ghost stories. Not knowing that what we were about to encounter would be surely included in any future ghost stories we were to share. As we entered and met our tour guide, we learned a bit of the history behind the brewery and the spirits that inhabits it. There is no shortage of ghost stories here. Spirits playing tricks on waiters and waitresses. Turning chairs that were placed on the bar back onto their feet, glasses falling for no reason, and spirits conversing with the staff. "Is anyone here sensitive to spirits" our guide boldly asks, more than a dozen hands shoot up. This was gonna be an interesting night!

The group descended down a long set of wooden stairs into the darkness of the brewery's catacombs. A feeling of excitement rushed over me. With it's limestone slabbed walls, and caverns of natural spring water these stone walls could be a vortex to all the spirits in the town of Mt. Joy. Unfortunately not much was sensed in these dark hollows, by myself or by many others. Instead of being discouraged we were humored with the tales of the town drunk who would roam through the nearby caves in a drunken, naked stupor.

Slowly we all climbed back up the creaky steps and followed our guide into the old hotel. Immediately upon entering into the hotel a sense of unease was felt by many, including myself. Many on the tour felt a nearby presence and also smelled one. As we moseyed throughout the large hotel it always seemed as if the spirits were one step ahead of us, escaping down a narrow hallway as we would enter a room. Spirits of young children were felt near a bathroom, a guest seemed to feel these children met a gruesome fate. I personally felt that not all these spirits were appreciative of us paying them a visit.

After reviewing and uploading photos I noticed many orbs in the pictures. Orbs can be explained, we were a large group and the place is rather old, so dust could most likely be a culprit. But some things I cannot explain. Why were some guests freezing cold in the same room other guests were burning up with heat? What was that pungent smell that was following around the tail end of the group? And what was that sinister presence that nearly all the group felt upon entering into the hotel? Guess you'll have to take the tour yourself and come up with your own answers.

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roadsidewonders said...

I have eaten there a number of times and attended parties in the catacombs; but I've never taken the tour ... looks as if I need to remedy that :)