Sunday, May 23, 2010

Haunted VanSant Covered Bridge

Hidden on the back roads of Bucks county, Pennsylvania sits a seemingly pleasant covered bridge. Truth is the VanSant covered bridge is thought to be one of the most haunted spots in the commonwealth. Many paranormal investigators have spent late evenings here gathering data. Throughout the bridge cold spots have been felt, cries heard, and apparitions spotted. So why all the paranormal activity?

Many urban legends haunt this bridge. It's said a man murdered a woman and her child on the bridge and now she haunts the area mourning the loss of her child. Others think it's the murderer who's still hanging around, literally. There have been reports of groups seeing an apparition hanging by a noose from the rafters. It was thought the murderer was subsequently hung here for his heinous crime.

Other local legend's say the woman drowned her children herself, after giving birth at a young age and out of wedlock. This particular legend is fairly common folklore for many rural covered bridges. Earning them the nickname "cry-baby bridges," this is due to the fact it's said you can hear baby's cries as you pass over the bridge.

The bridge is also very close to Washington's Crossing, which played a major role in the Revolutionary War, though many men perished in this area due to influenza and other illnesses. So is it the spirit of a murdered woman folks see, and the cries of her children they hear? Or maybe a criminal who was hung here for his past crimes, or perhaps it's the spirit of a fallen soldier crying out his last gasps of life vowing to never be forgotten.

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