Sunday, May 16, 2010

Logan Inn & Haunted Room 6 New Hope, Pennsylvania

New Hope, Pennsylvania is thought by many paranormal investigators to be the most haunted town in America. But there's one room in the town even the bravest fear. At the historic Logan Inn room 6 holds much mystique and intrigue. The room is haunted by a former innkeeper who lost the inn due to an outstanding debt. The woman who's thought to haunt the inn is forever remembered with her portrait, which hangs right outside of room 6. But many remember her more for paying them visits in the dead of night.

Guests who have spent the night in the notorious room 6 have reported smells of lavender, which was a favorite perfume of the former owner. Other nighttime visitors have noticed cold spots, hand prints on walls, and have seen phantom reflections in mirrors. Other overnighters haven't quite made it till dawn. For there are far more tales of those running out in the middle of the night, preferring to not spend another evening in the fabled room 6 of the Logan Inn.

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We are staying @ Logans Inn room 6 tonight