Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Blob" Tour-Downingtown Diner

After narrowly escaping death at the Colonial Theatre, the movie goers cower for cover in the nearby diner. Our protagonists follow suit after witnessing Jane's little brother innocently attempt to shoot the blob with his toy gun.
While hiding out in the eatery the massive ooze outside begins to devour the entire diner. Steve and the crowd gathered inside take refuge in the basement. Outside the local police attempted a plan to electrocute the blob. Unfortunately the officers plan backfired and the diner caught fire. Quick witted Steve briskly grabbed the nearest CO2 fire extinguisher and began to suppress the flames. During the chaos a strange phenomenon was witnessed. The massive blob seemed to be affected by the blistering cold of the extinguishers. The local juveniles had found a weak spot. Now where would they find more extinguishers?

The original Downingtown Diner is long gone. After filming the diner was relocated to Hollywood. Not to be discouraged another retro style diner took it's place and is actually located over the original basement. The current Chef's diner was used in the low budget horror film "Killer Instinct".

In the film the movie patrons run directly across the street to the diner. It's actually 18 miles away in Downingtown. 81 W. Lancaster, Avenue Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

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