Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Blob"Fest 2011

Having never been to "Blob"fest, I was unsure of what to expect. I had these ideas and expectations in my head of what I was hoping to see. I'll be the first to admit my tastes can be slightly eccentric. Amazingly so are the tastes of the great folks at the Colonial Theatre. Their annual festivities exceeded my expectations! This is one of the few shows I've attended where the hosts specifically knew their core audience.

Various artists of horror and macabre art lined the streets. Motorheads gathered around the classic and antique muscle cars that were displayed. Vintage enthusiasts were able to purchase small pieces of American and cinema history. While movie buffs gazed in amazement at set pieces from the actual film, including the real "Blob"!

The entertainment was top notch as well. The Buzzards kept their pompadours tight, and the poodle skirts dancing in the streets! Their "rockabilly" style made sure all the hep cats kept on grooving in between stage shows. The funky monsters from Ghoul a Go-Go judged the annual costume contest. This brought out all the horror kings and scream queens donning their best homemade outfits. Afterwords the side show troupe of Olde City Sideshow kept the audience in awe as well as disgust. Onlookers watched the crew insert power drills into their nostrils, munch on worms, and swallow swords as well as fire.

Even with all these unique forms of entertainment, the highlight of the day was the fire extinguisher parade, and of course the film screening. Considering myself to be a film geek I got us seats directly under the projectionist booth.

If the blob was to re-enact the famous scene from this landmark theatre we would have been the first to perish. AHHH!!

Somehow I made it out alive!!

"Blob"fest was a truly unique experience and one of the best times I've had. If you're a fan of this classic film this is a must visit destination. If you consider yourself a cinephile or just a family looking for a unique way to enjoy an entertaining day, "Blob"fest will surely not disappoint. So run don't walk to next years "Blob"fest!

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