Friday, July 8, 2011

"Blob" Tour-High School

Taking the advice of Jane's father, Steve and his gang of delinquents headed to the local high school. After shattering the windows, the gang rounds up all the fire extinguishers they can muster. In a show of heroism the misfits and the authorities banded together. Collectively the brave citizens fight back against the gelatinous mass from outer space.

After paralyzing the mutant blob, the town had the Air Force transfer the monster to a cold demise in the Arctic. Thanks to Steve and his quick wittedness this small town and the rest of humanity were saved from "The Blob."

The school still has the same entrance as was used during filming. The only real difference is a name change. During the time of filming the school was Memorial Jr. High School, today it's the Samuel Barkley Elementary School. Located at 320 2nd avenue in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Lucky for us not all these places have succumbed to suburban sprawl and we still have pieces of movie history to admire...even if it's a cheesy drive-in classic!

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