Friday, July 1, 2011

International Zine Month

July is International Zine Month. The month long celebration helps to attract attention to self-publishers, small press, and zinesters. Many around the globe hold events, zine readings, and even 24 hour zine projects. During the month zinesters are challenged to create a 24 page zine from conception to a finished product within a 24 hour time frame.

You can help to celebrate International Zine month also. Pay a visit to your local library, most carry books on how you can self-publish your own zine, or you can browse through zines that may have been donated to the institution. Larger metropolitan areas feature distros, which are stores that specialize in distributing zines and other self-published materials. You can always pay a visit to our Etsy store as well.

Helping to support indie publishers encourages everyone to act on their first amendment rights. More support means more independent voices in the mainstream media. This month we're encouraging your support, and we'll show some gratitude back. The first person to comment on any blog this month will receive a free color PDF zine!
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