Monday, July 4, 2011

"Hometown Glory" Lititz, Pennsylvania

Most often the gratification of traveling Outta the Way is the discovery of a new town. Through our adventures we have traveled through small charming villages, sprawling metropolitan cities, as well as rural impoverished towns. All too often we forget about the small treasures buried in our own backyard!

My family and myself recently moved to the small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania. A town I've come to embrace as my own in less than a years time. Much more quaint than the industrious hub city of York where I grew up, and a little more peaceful and care free than Lancaster where I resided the previous 8 years. This serene hamlet is bursting with history and Rockwell'esque charm.

From the first girls preparatory school in the country, to the notable Moravian church who founded the town, the history is still alive and kept. Many of the homes on Main street are original to the town and are recognized for their historical significance. Lititz is much more than just history though. The small community is often bustling with tourists, visiting the small independent businesses that line the quiet streets. Often indulging their tastebuds with sweet Wilbur chocolates or salty Sturgis pretzels. Both staples of the Lititz community.

Another staple of the community I've witnessed is ...the ducks! Families of ducks and ducklings make their home in the nearby Lititz Springs Park, and they seem to really run this town. I've witnessed ducks walking right down Main street, as well as hold up traffic on Route 501 while a mother duck leads the younger ones through the busy intersection.

With all of it's history and unique small town charm it's not difficult to see why Lititz was named one of the best time warp towns in America.

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Richard said...

I was in Lititz last week. Ive been going there for a long time now. Great town to walk around in. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa.