Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chickies Rock & the Supernatural

Approximately one month ago hundreds of spectators flocked to the Chickies Rock county park near Columbia, Pennsylvania. The park offers a panoramic view of the Susquehanna river flowing mightily below. During the flood of 2011 this was a safe place to view the wrath of Mother nature, though most weren't aware they were deep in the presence of a supernatural wrath.
Since the first settlers discovered this majestic place, several abnormal occurrences have been witnessed. The Susquehannock Indians who occupied the land were said to have seen numerous spirits inhabiting the area with them. They passed along tales of love-struck and love-stricken couples ending their own lives by jumping to the jagged rocks 200 feet below. But its not just the natives who have witnessed spirits. Numerous ghostly figures have been spotted at the park for centuries. It's not shocking considering this area is known prominently for numerous accidental deaths as well as countless suicides.
But ghostly figures aren't the only strange thing happening here, the area is a prime hunting location for cryptozoologists. Ever since the natives first settled in the area, a small strange hairy creature has been spotted throughout the dense woods. The albatwich or apple snitch is a 3-4 feet apelike creature thought to roam this particular area near the river. The Native Americans from the past were so fearful of the small creatures, they carved their image into their battle shields in order to instill fear in their enemies.
They are named apple snitches due to their uncanny love of apples. It's said the creatures would often steal the apples of unsuspecting picnickers, then discard the cores by throwing them at the startled couples.

It's believed that this strange species is now extinct or close to extinction. In the 1950's as well as in the 1970's, numerous park visitors spotted an odd manlike creature roaming about the woods. As recently as a few years ago another of these creatures was spotted on the other side of the river. Locals throughout the area often hear what resembles the sound of a cracking whip. The same scare tactic the albatwich was thought to have used to scare away predators.

In case your planning any visits to this county park, be wary of any spirits materializing, and you may wanna bring along a few apples. Just in case!

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gojo said...

I am a researcher on a television series "Monsters and Mysteries in America" I am interested in locating first person encounters with the Albatwich. Please contact me at jtaylor@m2-pictures.com if you have information on sightings. Thanks!
Joanne Taylor