Sunday, October 16, 2011

General Lafayette Inn's Spirits

In 1778 the history of the Bunker Hill Hotel would forever be altered. During this time the historic inn would operate as headquarters for General Lafayette and his troops.
Built in 1732, the Inn is one of the oldest operating inns in the United States. It was once a very popular stop for travelers going to and from Philadelphia. It was originally known as the Three Tuns and went through many hardships. But the Barren Hill Battle of 1778 would forever place the inn on the map of American History. General Washington sent General Lafayette and 2200 troops to the hilltop. From there they were to keep watch for the British troops. One early spring morning the British came, outnumbering General Lafayette and his troops as well as approximately 50 Native Americans battling on the United States side. The American troops boldly fought back and were able to force the larger more experienced British Army into retreat.
The Bunker Hill Inn was severely damaged during the battle and needed to be substantially restructured. The Inn has since suffered from many hardships. It has changed hands numerous times, as well as had several periods of abandonment.
In 1946 the Inn was changed to the General Lafayette Inn to forever commemorate the brave soldiers and their fearless leader who fought for our freedom.

Many believe General Lafayette still enjoys paying visits to his former headquarters. Former owners and workers have seen doorknobs rattle with no one on the other end. They have also heard phantom footsteps sneaking throughout the building. There have even been sightings of an older woman seen roaming the hallways at night. I guess when you’re the fifth oldest tavern in America and have hosted historical battles, you deserve a few friendly spirits!

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