Sunday, October 23, 2011

White Lady of Buckhorn Mountain

High upon the Buckhorn mountain in Altoona, Pennsylvania, used to sit a luxurious hidden resort. Young honeymooners would often traverse the dangerous curvy roads just to spend quality time in this romantic getaway. Many believe numerous visitors never actually made it to their destination. A particularly treacherous stretch of road known affectionately as the "Devil's elbow" often led to the untimely death of unfortunate couples. Over many decades the resort eventually fell on hard times and was closed for good. Today the mountaintop is a advantageous location for several radio and television transmission devices.

Late one evening, a technician who had just finished some repairs on the equipment, was preparing for his journey back down the mountain. While navigating his way through the treacherous curves, he spotted a female in a white shimmering dress, attempting to hitch a ride. The overzealous driver was struck by her beauty and came to an immediate halt. Pulling over, he offered her a ride, in which she gladly accepted. The man began to go forth on his adventure home, feeling smitten with such a beautiful woman by his side. When he again attempted to soak in her stunning beauty, he realized she was gone, just as quickly as she appeared.

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