Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghost of Midnight Mary

It's Spring of 1934, a young couple are cruising along the shore of Tullytown lake in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The anxious pair are on the way to their high school prom. The boyish man is dressed in his finest suit, his lovely date in her most gorgeous pink dress, with a flower corsage adorning her wrist. As the inexperienced couple traveled along the road, the young man must have become distracted, perhaps he was too enamored with his date. Abruptly the car swerves around a sharp turn at a high rate of speed. The young gentleman fights to regain control of the automobile, suddenly they veer off the road and into the surrounding lake bed. A passerby saw the vehicle become completely submerged in the body of water. The youthful pair were believed to have perished in the horrid accident, though only the boy's body was found.

55 years later a truck driver is passing along Bordertown road. He's on his way to make a delivery at a local company. The man then unexpectedly spotted a young woman walking along the road in a fashionable pink dress. Fearing for the young lady's safety the driver immediately pulls over and offers her a ride. As she climbed into the cab of the truck, the driver could tell she was obviously distraught. As they meandered along the road, the young lady began sobbing and murmuring about her boyfriend leaving her. The driver continuously drove while trying to console the saddened girl. As her cries become more incessant, the good samaritan glances over in an attempt to embrace the somber teen. His heart skipped a beat, his spine tingled, and his rig nearly ran off the road. When he looked over all that remained was a puddle of water and a flower corsage.

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Yeah that would really freak me out !