Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Dawn of the Dead" Mall

"Slow down, will you wait for me?" I hear echoing through the parking lot.
I turn around to notice my companion lagging far behind, as I briskly rushed to the mall's entry way. I'm not a big fan of shopping, there were no great going out of business sales, yet I made a special detour on our trip to visit this commercial haven.
As I approached the staff elevator I could barely contain myself. I felt like a giddy young boy getting a peep at my first nudie magazine. Or a horror geek posing by a photo of the Godfather of the zombie film, George Romero, which I was! On the wall are various other photos taken during the filming of the horror classic, paying homage to both the mall and the movie.
The Monroeville Mall, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, played a central character in the movie "Dawn of the Dead." George Romero used the mall as a safe haven for our protagonists, while feeding on our needs for consumerism and gore, I'm still not sure which is the more disturbing habit. Unfortunately most of the mall has been made over tremendously since the filming took place here in 1977, but the die hard fans are sure to still recognize some similarities. The mall still gladly embraces it's unusual fame and recognition, just pay a visit to the Monroeville Zombies attraction in the mall and see for yourself!


Monster Dad said...

This place really is a bit of a Mecca for horror fans. I visited the mall for the first (and so far only) time in September of 2010. Didn't get around to writing about it until this past August though. If you'd care to read about my trip, here it is:

Outta the Way said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing. I would definitely like to take another visit there, I missed a few things the first time.