Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bloody Springs Road Berks County, Pennsylvania

September 29, 1757 some locals in the area had been meeting at the home of the Spatz family. Harvest season was in effect and several locals were helping out the family. Picking, peeling, slicing, and canning various fruits and vegetables went on for several hours that day. As night began to fall the the neighbors began to depart for their homesteads, while the Spatz family prepared for a comforting night of sleep.

As the family began to slumber in their beds, the weight of their eyelids grew heavier with each passing minute. Beginning to find solace in their peace and comfort, they were awakened by the family dog making bizarre sounds. The youngest son  vaulted out of his bed to take a peek. Upon opening the front door he was immediately struck by a bullet in the leg. Hurriedly he staggered back through the doorway and hastily slammed and locked the door before the intruders could gain entrance. The family rapidly collected their rifles and ammunition, and began to return fire. The family quickly realized they were severely outnumbered and were under attack by a native tribe of Indians.

As the group attempted to formulate a plan of escape, the attacking Indians were one step ahead of them. The family homestead was set ablaze while the family was still quietly gathered inside. In desperation they retreated into the stone walled basement and fought back the flames the best they could, pouring the remaining cider they had stored onto the gathering blaze.

The family stayed squandered in the basement for several hours, keeping as silent as they could. When the sun began to rise along the horizon the household thought they had out waited their assailants. As they emerged from a small basement window they were noticed by a young brave who rapidly alerted the awaiting tribesmen. The outsiders swiftly returned and began to assault the family members. Two of the children were tomahawked and scalped. The wife was bludgeoned with a butcher knife. The father and another son had their lives spared but were taken into captivity.

During all the commotion the youngest son had retreated into the woods for hiding. The Indians gave chase but eventually returned to the massacres. Stealthily the adolescent returned to the bloody scene as well. He stayed hidden behind a log while the natives finished off their work. He watched in awe as his family was brutally murdered before him, while his brother and father were led off to captivity.

The road is named due to the fact that the local spring turned a crimson color due to the blood that flowed here. The entire area was a hotbed of violent battles that occurred during the French-Indian War conclusion.
Numerous residents on the street believe there's much residual energy left nearby. Neighbors have experienced unexplainable phenomena, such as cold spots within their homes. Doors and windows have opened and closed without any explanation. One long time resident felt the presence of someone pushing her down a flight of stairs. With so much violence and spilled blood in such a close knit rural community, it should come as no surprise that there may be still be some restless souls.

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