Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monster Mini-Golf

Looking for an fun new Halloween tradition that's an alternative to the haunted attractions and scream parks? Why not play a round of mini-golf? If you play like I do, that's scary enough! But even scarier is Monster Mini-Golf.

The place is strewn with black lights,with frightening neon paintings lining the walls. An animatronic Frankenstein comes alive and threatens to break his chains and wreak havoc on the place. An alien being pops his head in and out of a trash can.

 Coulrophobics will be sure to try and steer clear of Glo-zo the clown, he's quite menacing. Glowing manhole covers serve as obstacles through the course, as well as your not so traditional windmill threatening to send your ball in a different direction.  Monstrous creatures are placed throughout, just looking to unsettle your nerves a bit before you go for your illustrious hole-in-one.

Every Monster Mini-Golf is unique and custom made by franchise owners. There's even a KISS themed one. They also feature in house DJ's, private function rooms, and some have gift shops. I got a Glo-zo the clown pin, it now hangs proudly on my car visor.

 I have now found a new love for mini-golf, all they had to do was throw some monsters into the mix. Forget a Halloween tradition! I'm trying to go every month. Find a location near you.

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