Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dreibelbis Station Bridge Spirits Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania

You don't have to take a road trip to Sleepy Hollow to get spooked by headless ghosts. Hidden away on the roads of rural Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania rests a covered bridge believed to be haunted by such a spirit.

On a blistery winter night in the mid 19th century a man was traveling home in his horse drawn sleigh. A fresh snow had just fallen and covered the hilly roadways. He cautiously traversed his carriage through the slick, white powder. As the man made the turn to cross over the covered bridge he realized the bridge was devoid of snow. Unfortunately he was too late to come to a halt. When his snowbound vehicle touched the dry wooden timbers of the bridge, the man's horse became frightened and careened the sled out of control. The horse rose to his feet, tossing the owner from the sleigh. During the commotion the man found himself entangled within the reins of the horse. The reins had forced a grasp around the gentlemen's neck, the force of the horse cleanly swiped the man's head from his neck.
Several local paranormal groups have investigated the area and acquired some interesting EVP's as well as photographs. It's believed that on later winter nights a headless being can be spotted bumbling his way around the bridge. Perhaps he's looking for his lost severed head, or maybe he's still trying to find his way home.

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