Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Union Hotel Port Deposit, Maryland

The Union hotel in Port Deposit, Maryland has been accommodating weary road travelers since 1790. The hemlock logs that interlock the building were a welcoming sight for those who had been traveling and needed a hiatus. The seclusion of the place would surely offer a peaceful night of rest. With towering trees and a view of the river, morning sunrises were sure to delight those who were ready to tackle the open road again.

Surprisingly through all these years not much has changed. The brothel which operated here closed shop shortly after the construction crews building the Conowingo dam left town. The current owner tore down all the siding that covered the beautiful wood for nearly a century. They also cleaned up the mess the vandals left during its abandonment time in the 1970's. One thing they haven't been able to get rid of though is the history surrounding this place.

Accompanying historic hotels are often tales of supernatural spirits haunting the lodge. I often attribute so many haunting's in hotels due to the nature of things that occur in these places. Promiscuous sex, rampant drug use, murders, and suicides often occur behind the closed doors. Usually behind a veil of anonymity and confidentiality. These unlawful transgressions undoubtedly left a few leaving this world earlier than expected. These lost souls are prime contenders to haunt us in their afterlife. The Union hotel has no shortage of these spirits still searching for the truth.

Employees at the restaurant have encountered numerous strange happenings throughout the years. A dormant clock on a shelf has been known to chime, even though it contains no clockworks to even operate. Wait staff have witnessed a cedar box slide on its own accord along the mantle it's been placed. Doors often unlock and open with no one nearby. Footsteps are heard throughout the building even when only one or two employees is present. Employees have passed on disturbing tales of viewing creepy child-like spirits lurking around the property, as well as a presence of dead infants.

The Union hotel is known for many things. Their food is quite often raved about. And their menu contains a plethora of unique choices you may not find anywhere else nearby. It's location along the Susquehanna river, while being tucked into the woods makes it a prime choice for a relaxing dinner. This may be the place you wanna visit if you're in the mood for great food and spirits. And there's plenty of those to go around.

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