Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleepy Hollow, New York

The village of Sleepy Hollow, New York rests approximately 30 miles to the north of midtown Manhattan. Residents in the quaint town are exuberant, and friendly. There's a crispness in the freshness of the air, and astounding views of the Hudson as well as the city skyline. The two places seem almost a million miles away. Maybe that's the reason so many city slickers have been relaxing here for decades.

The town was originally incorporated as North Tarrytown. In 1996 the residents opted to have the towns name changed to Sleepy Hollow in honor of the infamous Washington Irving story. The community has embraced the change ever since. The Headless Horsemen can be spotted on any number of places throughout the village. I like to think it's like Halloween there every day. I doubt the residents feel the same.

During Autumn the town comes alive with festivities and activities for everyone to enjoy. Children's activities can be found going on at Washington Irving's former home, Sunnyside. Ghost tours are available at the historic cemetery that's also a burial ground of the Who's Who in America. While the braver ones head to the Phillipsburg Manor on evenings to get spooked at one of the top Halloween attractions in the country.

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