Monday, August 15, 2011

Allison's Grave

Traveling through the rural roads of Duboistown, Pennsylvania the natural beauty of the area shines through. Pristine streams rush alongside the back roads. Tiger lilies poke their heads out at passers-by, and tiny farmhouses dot the streets. But not all is quiet on these serene byways. Nighttime visitors who have traversed these roads have experienced engine malfunctions, after witnessing a wandering headless apparition.

The Mosquito Valley Cemetery contains a grave that's been causing a stir for decades, at least the deceased body that's in it has been. Decades ago local citizen Edna Allison was decapitated in a gruesome accident. Mysteriously her head was never located, the rest of her body was badly burned. Her cremated ashes were spread over the cemetery and a small marker was placed to commemorate her life. Numerous witnesses have spotted a decapitated spirit strolling along the nearby roads, while others have seen her headless vision meandering through the gravestones. More disturbing is those who have found amusement in stealing Edna's modest grave marker. Fortunately a much larger marker has replaced the lost one, forever commemorating the lost soul of Edna Allison.

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