Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

In 1964 acclaimed herpetologist Clyde Peeling saw his passion and dreams come true with the opening of Reptiland. His vision to give visitors an up close and personal look at natures less desirable creatures had come to fruition. The zoo holds some of the World's deadliest snakes. From the highly venomous mambas, cobras, and vipers to the bone crushing constrictors, pythons, and anacondas.

The exhibit hosts daily shows as well as live feedings. But besides vicious vipers, Reptiland also inhabits various other reptiles and amphibians. Docile tortoises, ornery alligators, and delicate yet highly dangerous poison dart frogs. Over the years Clyde has seen his dream grow immensely. Today the accredited wildlife park is over 6,500 square feet and is home to over 40 species of animals. Clyde himself has even been featured on Conan O'Brien. Not too bad for a gentleman who enjoys being nicknamed 'The Lizard Man."


Poison Arrow Dart Frogs said...

Oh, looks like an awesome place! I'd love to go check out the poison arrow dart frogs! They have some at bush gardens I've gone and seen!

Poison Dart Frogs For Sale said...

Great post!! I'd love to go there soem time!