Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridge to Nowhere in Lairdsville, Pennsylvania

"There it is! I can see it!"
"Where?" I say, "There behind the trees!" She's right, I can see it. We slowly pull off to the side of the rural route. We both gently slide down the embankment to an overgrown trail. I grab a stick to push thorn bushes out of our way. We slowly proceed down the dirt path. As we approach our destination, I notice the intricately designed layout. Moss and grass grow between each crevice of the bricks. We are on a bridge to nowhere.

This hidden gem fascinates me for many reasons. I can find no source as to when it was built, by whom or for what purpose. The bridge seems to be older, but constructionally sound, and appears to be modernly built.

I am always fascinated with abandoned places. Walking that bridge I felt as though I was retracing someone else's footsteps. Hmmm!! If only I knew! Maybe it's more intriguing letting my imagination run wild. What do you think?

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