Monday, August 8, 2011

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

In the newest zine were heading into the mountains of Lycoming and Union counties. We'll visit the small city of Williamsport and it's surrounding areas.

We start by taking a ride to a remote cemetery searching for headless apparitions. Then we pay a visit to a ghost town left decimated by the United States government. The only remains are concrete ammunition bunkers left from World War 2. Next we'll pay homage to America's pastime as we visit the birthplace of Little League baseball, as well as it's modern home. Lastly we ride back into the past. We'll take a stroll along what was once on of the wealthiest streets in America, and discover what's happened to the mansions of Millionaire's Row.

Now get outta the way, 'cause we're going Outta the Way!

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